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Should we hold RP trials for recruits wishing to reach Full membership status within the guild ? Winner: "Maybe" 4 weeks, 1640 days ago
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Phase 2 Rescheduled

Syritaz, Apr 10, 11 3:54 AM.

UPDATE: Phase 2 will be held on Saturday, April 16 at noon server time. Phase 1 has been extended for a week. During that time, death rifts and invasions will drop more Otherworldly Sourcestone and new rewards will be added to the world event merchant.

Phase 2 of the River of Souls world event was originally scheduled to begin on the North American servers today, April 9, at noon PDT, but Trion Worlds just announced that it's been delayed. Here are the details from Assistant Community Manager James "Elrar" Nichols:

"With the opening of the final phases of the River of Souls World Event in Europe we have identified several issues that only came to light in a live server environment. Due to this we have had to temporarily disable the World Event in Europe and are delaying the opening of the event on North American shards until a full investigation and corrections can be made."

Trion currently does not have an updated launch time for Phase 2. Until it goes live, players in both North America and Europe can continue to participate in Phase 1 and earn Otherworldly Sourcestones.

In addition, the world event quest "With Death Denied" has been disabled "due to a potential exploit that would trivialize the Phase 2 events." If you have it in your log, you'll need to abandon it.

More Awesome Guild Leveling

Syritaz, Apr 7, 11 4:36 PM.
Just yet another thank you for everyone who registered on site so far and mainly for getting us to guild rank 4 almost 5 :P


Syritaz, Mar 28, 11 11:37 PM.
Just added new crafting marketplace to website, please place your orders. for this to work you do need to assign your skills on your characters profile, i.e. Set outfitter or rune crafting etc.

Also uses the sites web mail feature so do please try check this on regular basis.


Ingame Death debuff

Syritaz, Mar 24, 11 1:14 PM.
I just posted information in forums regarding death as people been asking for clarification.

Guild hits Rank 2

Syritaz, Mar 23, 11 9:51 AM.
Just wanted say CONGRATULATIONS to all, for us hitting Guild Rank 2 and thank god we got no more Iron Tombs for aguild quest.

On a further note get killing more Rift creatures ,496/1000 is damn good going hehe...especially in such short space of time

"plus am testing news posts. lol"
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Currently Recruiting any Defiant or Ascended Roleplayer / friendly person to our guild.. Please contact Syrita in game or the alternative is follow application process on the website which is preferred.
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